Thermal Mass Flow Meters

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Thermal Mass Flow Meters

A Commitment to Higher Performance

SAGE METERING is a manufacturer of high performance Thermal Mass Flow Meters which measure the flow rate and consumption of gases for multiple industrial applications. Frequently used for energy management systems to monitor and improve energy efficiency as well as for regulatory compliance in environmental systems including reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS include measurement and sub-metering of natural gas and compressed air for energy utilization and cost accounting within a facility. Measurement of combustion air flow can be used for improving efficiency in boilers and furnaces. Environmental reporting of Greenhouse Gases from combustion sources as well as measurement for carbon credits are frequently encountered.

OTHER KEY environmental applications include flare gas flow measurement in the Oil and Gas Industry where thermal technology offers economic advantages over traditional flow measurement technology. To meet the regulatory requirements of periodic re-calibration or calibration verification, Sage Metering has developed a unique in-situ accuracy verification process to ensure the meter is performing within the original NIST traceable gas calibration while the process remains in operation.

Sage Meters are used for all types of applications:



  • Natural Gas Measurement
  • Compressed Air Flows


  • Green House Gas Emissions
  • Carbon Credits


  •  Flare
  • Biogas / Landfill Gas
  • Combustion Air
  • Vent Air


  • Natural Gas Sub-metering
  • Department Cost Allocation


Sage Rio





Sage Clear