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Pete's Test Plugs

For pressure and temperature measurements

Pete's Test Plugs

General Information

Pete's Test Plugs allow pressure or temperature readings to he taken quickly and are designed to eliminate the need for gauge cocks and thermometer wells. These test plugs have wide application; popular examples of their use include hot and chilled water systems, heat exchangers and pumps.

This enhanced version of Pete's Plug is the only pressure and temperature test plug with two selfclosing valves. The values are improved with interaction, which speeds valve closure and so improves safety.


Nordel is a compound giving excellent service in hot and cold water applications


The Pete's Test Plug is permanently installed in the line at recommended test points. The cap protects the valve and provides an additional seal. After the cap has been removed either a test thermometer or pressure gauge adaptor can be inserted through the two self-closing valves.

Tests should be made as quickly as possible since the valve reseal time is dependent upon time of insertion.

Technical Information

Body cap and retainer - brass¹

Cap-retaining strap - santoprene²

Valves - Nordel³

Temperature range - 0°C to +135°C Maximum working pressure - 34 Bar


Model 710 ½" BSP standard length

Model 110 ¼" BSP standard length

Model 900 ½" to ¼" bush reducer

  1. Cap and gaskets
  2. Cap-retaining strap
  3. Two self-closing valves
  4. Valve body
  5. Valve retainer

Model 71OXL ½" BSP extended length

Model 110XL ¼" BSP extended length

Model 900 ½" to ¼" bush reducer

Pressure Gauge Adaptors

The Pressure Gauge Adaptor has a ⅛" diameter probe constructed of 316 stainless steel and a ¼" BSP brass connector for connection to instrumentation gauges. The Model 500 adaptor is for use with standard length Pete's Test Plugs and the Model 500XL is for use with extended length Pete's Test Plugs.


Pressure Gauge Adaptors


1. ¼" BSP gauge connection


2. Union nut and seal


3. ⅛" stainless steel probe


4. Protecting cover (aluminium)

Note: The use of silicone oil is recommended as a lubricant when inserting probes to avoid possible damage to the lest Plug's valve cores.

Ordering Information for Pete's Test Plugs

Model No Size Body & Cap Material


110 ¼" BSP Standard Length Brass


110XL ¼" BSP Extended Length Brass


710 ½" BSP Standard Length Brass


710XL ½" BSP Extended Length Brass


900 ½" to '/4" BSP Reducer Bush Brass


Ordering Information for Pressure Gauge Adaptors

Model No Size

Connector / Probe Material


500 ¼" BSI' Gauge Adaptor Standard Brass / 316SS


500XL ¼" BSP Gauge Adaptor Extended Brass / 316SS