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CGT Turbine Gas Meter

CGT TurbineCGT series turbine gas meters are flow meters designed to measure quantity of gases.

The meters are mainly used for gas flow ranges from 6.5 up to 6500 m3/h. The CGT series gas meters are applied in measurement systems where high accuracy is required:

Design and Function

The turbine gas meter measures the quantity of gas basing on the flow principle. The gas flows through an integrated flow conditioner, which distributes the flow proportionally in the annular slot and guides it to the turbine
wheel. The wheel is driven by the gas flow, and the angular velocity of the rotation is proportional to the gas flow rate.

The energy consumption, perceived as pressure loss, is reduced to absolute feasible minimum due to the application of the flow conditioner, highest precision ball barings, most accurate tolerances of all measuring parts and their proper alignement.

The rotary motion of the turbine wheel is transferred mechanically by gear wheels, and the incorporated
gas tight and hermetic magnetic coupling, to the index unit, which is mounted on the top of the body, and shows the operating volume on the totalizer.

The basic components of the COMMON CGT series turbine gas meter are as follows:

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